Bathroom Renovation

A really adventurous project, which finally got underway over a year after initial plans (again due to covid material delays!).  This was probably the first project I had looked at and thought “this isn’t going to work” but after some investigation behind units, and a bit of planning, we were able to take the plunge and get the ball rolling with it. What was originally the generic Milton of Leys en-suite soon become probably the most unique little en-suite we’ve ever completed.  Squeezing in a bigger shower area was the client’s priority, as they really didn’t like the small box shower.  They also really disliked the vanity units, which can actually be really hard to get rid of as they’re usually in place to hide a multitude of sins/plumbing in the first place. But with a full re-plumb, and a lot of work we were able to get it as the clients wanted. Loved their unique basin idea, James and I made these shelves from an old off-cut of oak worktop the clients had. A fantastic little project, which I was really pleased with in the end, as were the clients.  It just goes to show what can be achieved in some really small/generic spaces. 

Completed: April 2021



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