Murray Terrace

A much needed renovation to a small bathroom in a flat in Inverness just before Christmas 2023. We also upgraded the hot water cylinder to allow for the installation of a triple function shower valve, which filled the bath as well as controlled the two shower heads. This layout is a good example of a situation where it would be hard to compromise between a walk in shower and losing the bath (on an aesthetic principle, rather than accessibility). It combines it in the best possible way, including the fixed/easy clean screen, as well as being able to control the bath and shower without having to physically get into the bath to turn any controls or taps on. Fully tiled with a PVC ceiling meaning no future decorating or maintenance. The addition of ambient lighting from downlights with a dimmer control and an LED cabinet provides the option for various lighting given that there is no natural light in the room.

Completed December 2023



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