Drumsmittal 2 

Drumsmittal 2 Bathroom Renovation As soon as the family bathroom was finished the client decided to get booked in for their en-suite a few months later. A similar theme in terms of the tiles/walls – but a good bit of storage added to keep everything neat and tidy. A lovely walk in shower added, removing […]

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Drumsmittal 1 

Drumsmittal 1 Bathroom Renovation A much needed modernisation of the family bathroom in a home in North Kesscok. The client and I worked closely together on this one to get all of the detailing and final decisions just right. The client had made a decision on tiles and then we went on to base the

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Culduthel Road 

Culduthel Road Bathroom Renovation One of our bigger projects to date, a huge transformation which involved a really big strip out removing all the original lath. Layout remained similar, but changing the style of the shower area brightened the whole room up and made it feel a lot less boxed in. The addition of the

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Drumossie Avenue 

Drumossie Avenue Bathroom Renovation Nothing overly glamorous about this one, a simple upgrade and I love to use it as an example of what can be achieved in a dreaded Drakies bathroom. The clients were no longer able to get in and out of the bath safely, so opted for a corner shower to replace

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Roundwood House 

Roundwood House Bathroom Renovation A really unique project in an unusual build in Nairnside. The client had their own ideas about colours and styles, and we worked together to help their vision come together. The aim was to create a separate shower area whilst still having a bath, and with a slight layout change we

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Kennedy Drive

Kennedy Drive Bathroom Renovation Another project I absolutely love. This involved a layout change to accommodate the client’s requests for a bigger/comfier bath, whilst keeping a separate shower area in the room.  An incredible amount of work in this project, but a job that was definitely worth doing.  The project was carried out over about

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Cradlehall After 1


Cradlehall Bathroom Renovation Our first full renovation of 2021 after what had been another unforeseen break/lockdown due to Covid-19. We enjoyed every minute of this project for our lovely clients who managed to finalise their design after sitting down with the designer in Wolseley. Modern, clean and fresh. A very low maintenance option with the

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Briargrove 1


Briargrove Bathroom Renovation A beautiful, bright and modern bathroom. Again, the original bathroom wasn’t very old, but the clients found it a bit run down/boring and just not to their taste.  The client and I worked together on this one in terms of design and materials, and the outcome is just how they wanted it. 

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Golf View

Golf View

Golf View Bathroom Renovation This was the clients final project on what had been a full house renovation. They had designed the bulk of it themselves, making all decisions on fixtures, fittings and tiles. The project came together very well, and all their ideas and styles complemented each other perfectly. Completed: September 2020 Before Previous

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Old Mill Lane

Old Mill Lane

Old Mill Lane Bathroom Renovation This is definitely one of my personal favourites to date, and the perfect example of a client knowing exactly what they wanted. There were absolutely no changes made to their original list which they produced on the night I first met them.  This made for a fairly smooth project in

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