Ballifeary 1

A bathroom I designed for my dad, who moved away from bachelor pad 1 to bachelor pad 2! Struggling with ideas for a housewarming present, the installation of two bathrooms was the next best thing. Much like my own home at Woodlands, the upstairs bathroom was tiny and useless with zero scope for reconfiguration/upgrade. We decided to sacrifice the smaller of the two upstairs bedrooms and create a bathroom using a blank canvas. The size of the room allowed us to fit a walk in shower as well as a free standing bath, this combined with wall hung ware creates the ideal modern bathroom. We worked on this together and in typical fashion to our personalities decided what we wanted and liked within 5/10 minutes. The dark tiles would have made the room feel like a cave had they wrapped around the entire room which wasn’t what we wanted, therefore keeping two of the walls light stopped the room from feeling too closed in. The use of a wooden vinyl click on the floor provides a feeling of warmth whilst being low maintenance in comparison to a tiled floor. An absolute cracker, I love it, and more importantly the old man does!

Completed May 2023



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